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Financial Well being for everyone


Financial Well being for everyone

Assessment – We need an Xray of your Financial World

Your Income sources

Your Assets ( pensión plan, savings, property)

Your Debt ( The lender, interest rates, term of loans)

Your Credit Report

Your Expenses

Analysis of the Xray

How do we reduce your debt

How do we increase your savings

How do we increase your Income

How do we reduce your expenses

How do we improve your credit scores

Setting Goals

Steady Source of Income

Protection against financial catastrophes ( Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance

Financial Reserves ( Car breaks down, household appliances)

Planning to get ahead of cost of living ( Modest inflation will eat your savings)

Be Alert to opportunities ( public policy)

The Budget

Its a planning device to set and reach your goals

Review your prior year spending, time to get creative

A Budget Will be your best friend, it alerts you to trouble while there’s still time to do something about it.

Choose your software ( or Excel spreadsheet, a notebook)

Review your utility bills ( Moment to spend to sabe)


Switch to lower-rate credit card( Are you enrolled in mileage program?

Send extra money to principal to pay off your mortage

Who do you bank with? Watch for the hidden fees

Pay off your car loan

Protect your home with “ Hogar Seguro” Puerto Rico law

?Cuales son tus sueños?