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Welcome to Possibilities and Probabilities a space for all to enjoy conversations, interviews, and life changing information to explore together.

Episode 0
Introduction to the new Possibilities and Probabilities Podcast

Hello, Welcome to Possibilities and Probabilities

Creating content together with conversations, interviews, information, and financial wisdom in a simple yet optimistic way.

Everyone deserves to live life to its fullest and enjoy peace of mind.

 I invite you all to join us, individuals, future entrepreneurs, and small business owners you are all welcomed.

Lao Tse, Chinese philosopher said – “Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it”

Greetings, I introduce myself, my name is Nilsa Santiago. I am excited about all the possibilities & probabilities presented to us by this amazing new Podcast. I want to share with you all, my experience from the world of finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, family life, personal development, wisdom, travel, pets and some good old fashion lessons learned.

P & P is going to take you on a thinking journey, where ideas are going to be born and you are going to create amazing results. And I will be by your side smiling and cheering you on as you expand to the next level.

As an entrepreneur, Authorized Public Accountant, holding master’s degree in Finance and Taxation, I am also a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and a pet lover,

I want all people who have dreamed of the possibility of creating a product, offering a service, improving their financial wellbeing, to have a space to learn and this is the place, come and share your dreams with me.

This space is for you, where it offers the opportunity to learn concepts, theories, and practical examples in the field of business, finance, accounting, leadership and much more.

I invite you to listen, take notes, and apply lessons learned so that you can immediately feel the positive changes that knowledge brings while exploring these topics to your thinking journey.

We are going to be discussing business issues that are extremely important to entrepreneurs.  I also want to talk to you about how to apply success in your personal finances to gift you with peace of mind that you deserve.

To all my followers, I wish you all success and send you a big smile.

I’ll wait for you every Tuesday at 10:00am in the morning, maybe enjoying a smoothie, a glass of coconut water, Turmeric latte or a cup of coffee with MCT Oil at break time.

See you next Tuesday, I am excited for us all!  

My call to action for each and every one of you: Let’s Embrace ALL the possibilities….

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